Fleet Management Solutions

Trakm8 Swift is a Track and Trace solution suitable for any fleet size; it gives Fleet Managers complete control of their fleet by knowing exactly where each vehicle is at any point during the day. The easy to use Software is available on any Web browser which means it is accessible no matter where you are.

The software enables you to overlay many features onto to the Livetrack Map, giving you a full view of any Roadwork’s or Traffic that may hold up your vehicles along their journeys. You can even add road speeds, weather and location based services to the map at any point.

There is a vehicle summary bar which shows historical journeys, these can be plotted on a map and also replayed. In the event of an incident, a Fleet Manager can review this data to provide an accurate overview of the driving style at the time of the event, this can help to avoid fraudulent insurance claims.




The report wizard is designed to help Fleet Operators improve efficiencies by reducing unnecessary costs whilst ensuring duty of care. A multitude of reports can be run from Journey Summary reports to vehicle timesheets, all of these reports are available anytime from the online software and can also be scheduled so they are emailed to a recipient on a regular basis as set by you.





Trakm8 ecoN offers all the fantastic features available in Swift but with some added bonuses, this solution combines the vehicle tracking aspect and adds in driver behaviour and fuel efficiency monitoring, which can all be viewed via the online software. Customers have found they can save upto 15% on fuel bills by installing this solution into their fleet.



The main purpose of ecoN is to help companies reduce their fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by encouraging better driving styles, this can also help to reduce accidents therefore reducing expensive claims and vehicle repairs. Feedback can be provided to individuals based on recurring events, however drivers can obtain real time visual and audible feedback from an in cab lightbar which is fitted on the dashboard and will alert the driver by flashing and beeping if they cause an event trigger. This gives feedback on speeding, harsh accelerating, harsh breaking and excessive idling.




The report wizard has all the basic reports that can be run at anytime, but it also has reports specifically for reviewing driver behaviour and fuel usage. The complete overview report will compile all this information into one report and will also give drivers a driving score, enabling you to review your best and worst drivers.



These results can be displayed in a report format or can be shown in graphs and charts, which can be customised and added to a dashboard, this information is then automatically updated giving you access to the latest data at the click of a button.






Our Asset solution enables plant managers to track their plant machinery and equipment, it can also help to gain further insights into how they are used and also to identify maintenance and
service requirements.




Plant Managers will find their fleet much easier to control with this solution as it provides them with the ability to view their entire fleet on a live map with each type of asset being displayed by a simple to identify logo. Points of interest can be set up on a map and the system can alert when an asset moves in or out of this area, this is particularly useful to monitor assets out of hours to prevent theft of the equipment.



The system can be set up to send power loss, shield breach and tamper alerts; which can be sent as an alert on the software or to designated monitored email. The units installed onto the machinery can be remote immobilised, this is useful when you want prevent the asset from moved. This is done via a lock down command within the online software and this can be accessed from any online browser




The extensive reporting suite can send reports from hours in use to advise when assets are due to be serviced, these reports can be run at any point and can also be scheduled so you don’t even have to remember to run them; the system does it all for you.





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