Reversing Detection System

Rear Detection

The In Car Telematics Marker 90 system is an independent LED reverse parking aid that is specifically designed for use on 7 tonne rigid bodied lorries and HGV trailers to assist the driver when reversing. The system helps prevent accidental damage and injuries.

The Rigid or Trailer has four ultrasonic sensor eyes fitted into the rear bumper. The visual LED displays are built into both the rubber stalk mounted Marker Lights that are located on the rear side corners of the vehicle. The 2 Marker Lights are independent of the Autowatch Marker90 system and work as a normal Marker Lights with white LED lights facing forward and Red LED lights  facing towards the the rear. We have 4 ultra bright amber LED’s mounted within the white light of the Marker Lights facing forward.

When reverse is selected, the Marker90 system is powered by the reverse light power supply, which switches the Marker90 system on. As the vehicle reverses, any object that is detected 2.5m from the rear of the vehicle by the ultrasonic sensors in the rear bumper, will make the 4 ultra bright LED’s in both the Marker Lights start to flash AMBER slowly. The driver can see both the Marker Lights in either wing mirror.  As the vehicle gets closer to the object the flash rate increases to further warn the driver to slow down and take care. When the object is approximately 45cm from  the rear of the vehicle the flash rate goes constant warning the driver to stop.

  • 24volt power supply cable has a IP68 rated fuse holder and Superseal connector.
  • The Marker90 module is fully potted and waterproof, and can be mounted externally.
  • Both marker light displays are fully potted and waterproof with IP68 connectors.
  • The marker light display cables are 3mtr with IP68 connectors.
  • Sensor eyes are rubber with a potted senosr amplifier and IP68 connectors.
  • The 4 sensor extension leads are 3mtr with IP68 connectors

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