Side Scan Detction System

Side Scan Detection System

The SDS Pedestrian / Cyclist Detection system is a modern detection system using ultrasonic technology specifically designed for commercial vans, HGV’s and lorries. When the vehicle slows to around 10 Mph, and the left indicator is turned on, the system will flash the internal display to show turn “On”, then just monitors that area until a cyclist or object is detected or until the vehicle’s speed increases over 10 Mph or the indicator is turned off.

The SDS System can announce one external spoken message ” Warning, vehicle turning left ” when the left indicator then continues to monitor the area from the front nearside of the rear wheels and out to a distance of 800mm.

If a cyclist is detected, it then warns the driver visually through our traffic light display and then finally with an audible tone as the distance between the cyclist and the side of the vehicle decreases to less than 400mm.

The optional external voice siren will repeat the warning message for as long as the cyclist or object is being detected.

The system is designed to offer the driver an awareness of any pedestrians or objects whilst turning left and that the driver should still use caution when performing the manoeuver.

The SDS system consists of 4 Ultrasonic sensor eyes (all 4 to be mounted on the nearside of the vehicle from the nearside bumper/step and wheel arch), a display with internal piezo tone buzzer (to be mounted on the A-Pillar, at side mirror height, facing towards the driver’s position), a Control Module (to be mounted behind the dash) and an optional Voice Warning Speaker Siren under the cab.

All detection zones are approximate due to the shape of the object, installation position of the sensors and reflected signal may mislead the detecting sensor. In order to get a more accurate detection value, please try to test varied objects in different angles when installing.

Optional GR-01 Left Turn Warning Speaker

The GR-01 Left Turn Warning Speaker is a stand-alone waterproof speaker. The output is a voice message warning “Caution – Vehicle turning left”. The GR-01 is used to warn cyclists and pedestrian at the near side of the vehicle of the intention to turn left reducing the risk of accidents involving cyclist and pedestrians. The system also connects to the AASDS Side Detection System that will only output the voice message if there is an obstacle detected next to the vehicle.


  • 9 to 36 V Operation
  • 97 dB Sound Output Level (+- 3 dB)
  • Completely Waterproof IP68
  • Nylon Plastic Housing
  • Mute Wire Input
  • Output For Controlling Lights etc.
  • 102mm x 40mmx 70mm

Stainless Steel Mounting Kit Included

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