At In Car Telematics we like to think we exercise a high level of customer support and service, not just over the phone or via email but also our engineers on site who are usually the first human contact.

Our In Car Telematics team assist customers in making cost-effective choices to ensure that you get the end result you require regardless of how big or small your organisation is.

At In Car Telematics when it comes to new products that we can supply to customers and their enquiries we have 3 main criteria that we work from,

Safety: How does this product provide what we need for the application requested?

Reliability: How reliable is the solution? ICT supply a number of hand-picked products that have been tested rigorously by our engineers so that they have a full understanding of the product and also how the product will integrate with your vehicle(s)/organisation.

Usability: At ICT we want you to get the most out of what we have to offer, we want you to be comfortable with the product/service provided as we believe in enhancing your business not hindering it.

With this in mind, In Car Telematics have hand-picked products to assist with the operation of day to day life.



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