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At Incartelematics we backup our products with a fully insured installation service, our team of engineers are fully trained for the tasks in hand.

Customer Support

We pride ourselves on our before sales customer support and our after sales support ensuring that our clients receive the highest level of support no matter how big or small the requirements are.


At Incartelematics our products come with a standard 1 Year Guarantee unless stated otherwise and if installed with our installation team the install will come with a 1 Year Guarantee.


At Incartelematics having access to the latest technology means we are always able to offer you with the latest products ensuring your vehicles are ready for the road ahead.

Power Consumption

Our Products have a low impact on the vehicles electronics, our products have a low power consumption mainting the vehicles battery for maximum operation.

Forward Thinking

We do not believe in standing still, our world is ever chainging and with this we understand your companies need to move forward and meet ever chainging legislations.

Being a member of FORS - A00335

As a member of the FORS Recognition Scheme we have been offering solutions to our customers assisting with the organisation to achieve the desired level of FORS accreditation, From start to finish we can help you through the process

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ICT Camera Solutions

At Incartelematics our camera solutions are fully customisable, we offer the latest technologies ensuring that we can offer the best products for your requirements.
With our camera packages we can start off with what we consider to be the entry level system comprising of a left turn camera and a rear camera onto a 7" monitor display mounted in the vehicles cab area, moving forward in the future we can add additional cameras, DVR's, Sidescan Systems with Turn Left Audiable Speakers insuring that as new legislations come into place you will always have the flexability with our products to full fill the criteria.

Please contact a member of our sales team and see what we can do for you.

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ICT Warning Systems

Incartelematics offer a number of systems to assist with vehicle blind spots and warn cyclists/pedestrians of a vehicle manoeuvring, these systems also alert the driver of any obstacles and other road users with a unique traffic light style display that offers a visual/audio alert. SideScan, Corner protect and the Marker 90 reversing aids coupled with our camera systems assist the driver and provide a clearer image of the vehicles surroundings. Please contact a member of our sales team and see what we can do for you.

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