ICT Pedestrian Safety Systems

Incartelematics offer a number of systems to assist with vehicle blind spots and warn cyclists/pedestrians of a vehicle manoeuvring, these systems also alert the driver of any obstacles and other road users with a unique traffic light style display that offers a visual/audio alert.
SideScan, Corner protect and the Marker 90 reversing aids coupled with our camera systems assist the driver and provide a clearer image of the vehicles surroundings. Please see below for more information regarding the safety systems we offer.
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At Incartelematics we backup our products with a fully insured installation service, our team of engineers are fully trained for the tasks in hand.

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We pride ourselves on our before sales customer support and our after sales support ensuring that our clients receive the highest level of support no matter how big or small the requirements are.


At Incartelematics our products come with a standard 1 Year Guarantee unless stated otherwise and if installed with our installation team the install will come with a 1 Year Guarantee

The ICT Side Scan and Corner Protect Display.

The ICT Corner Protect and Side Scan Cyclist/Pedestrian Systems come with a uniqe traffic light style driver awarness display that will not only give you a visual aid for detection but an audiable tone will also sound when the sensors detect within range any cyclists, pedestrians and obstacles.

Full Front and Corner Detection

The 8 sensor head complete front cover corner protection system turns on when the ignition is turned on.
Both left and right A pillars of the vehicle will have a traffic light style display that will work independantly from each other.
When the vehicle slows to below 10 Mph, the system is activated. There is NO audible tone. The GREEN display light flashes once to indicate that the system is ACTIVE.
Whilst activated and the vehicle approaches within 600mm of an obstacle, the GREEN display light will illuminate with NO AUDIO to how close the object is.
Whilst activated and the vehicle approaches within 450mm of an obstacle, the AMBER display light will illuminate with NO AUDIO to how close the object is.
Whilst activated and the vehicle approaches within 300mm of an obstacle, the buzzer/display will give a CONSTANT audible tone and will illuminate the RED, AMBER and GREEN display light to indicate that the object is close enough to cause DAMAGE. The driver should STOP and recalculate the approach.
Whilst activated and the vehicle speed increases above 10 Mph, the system is deactivated. There is No audible tone. The system flashes the GREEN light twice on the display to indicate that the system is in STANDBY.
If the vehicle is stationary, the system will continue to be activated.

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Left Front and Corner Detection

The 4 sensor head left corner protection system works in the same manor as the 8 head full front and corner detection system, the only main difference is this system will only protect the left handside corner of the vehicle.
the system operates in the same way as above and is operational once the vehicles ignition is activated.

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Turn Left Warning Audiable Speaker.

The GR-01 Left Turn Warning Speaker is a stand-alone waterproof speaker. The output is a voice message warning “Caution – Vehicle turning left”. The GR-01 is used to warn cyclists and pedestrian at the near side of the vehicle of the intention to turn left reducing the risk of accidents involving cyclist and pedestrians. The system also connects to the AASDS Side Detection System that will only output the voice message if there is an obstacle detected next to the vehicle.
9 to 36 V Operation, 97 dB Sound Output Level (+- 3 dB), Completely Waterproof IP68, Nylon Plastic Housing, Mute Wire Input, Output For Controlling Lights etc, 102mm x 40mmx 70mm

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