Plant Solutions

ICT Offer a number of solutions for plant equipment


Monitoring your Asset has never been so easy, you can log on fix a Geo-fence around your site and if it moves out of it you will be alerted.


Making sure your equipment is secure is very important, we can add immobilisation via the tracking system or as a standalone module.

Camera Systems

Our camera systems not only act as a 3rd eye providing actual video evidence but also helps with the manoeuvring of the vehicles.

Beacons and Lighting

We offer a comprehensive range of lighting interior and exterior, LED Beacons, Worklamps and LED Strip Lighting. Do you need to conform to REG 65? We can help.

Warning Sensors

Pedestrian/Cycling and obstacles we have a comprehensive range to assist with the manoeuvring of the vehicle. seat belt and tipping alarms are also available


At Incartelematics our products come with a standard 1 Year Guarantee unless stated otherwise and if installed with our installation team the install will come with a 1 Year Guarantee.

Our Plant Solutions are designed around our customers, Geo-fencing sites are a few services we can provide to protect your equipment using our Tracking systems coupled with Immobilisation we can also protect against un-authorised use.
Please contact a member of our sales team to discuss solutions that can help with the operation of your plant machinery. Our Tracking systems are bespoke to each customer as one customers needs are different to another's, for this we like to find out from our customers information regarding the fleet and the setup of site.

We offer the Following Solutions for your plant equipment

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